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IT COSMETICS BNWT Confidence in a Cleanser Gentle Face WashTanyun manufactures high quality fine chemical intermediates. We establish world-class R&D centers and laboratories in China. Our products such as ammonium perchlorate and copper chromite are widely used in aerospace, military industries, and civil fields.

product name:Hexagonal Boron Nitride (II)

Executive standard: Q/TY.J08.04-2015
CAS NO. 10043-11-5
English alias: Boron Nitride, White Graphite
English abbreviation: HBN
Chinese alias: 六方氮化硼;白石墨;高温氮化硼

product name:Ferrocene

Executive standard: Q/TY·J08.04-2015
CAS NO. 102-54-5
English name: Ferrocene
Chinese alias: Dicyclopentadiene iron(双环戊二烯合铁)

product name:PVB resin | Polyvinyl Butyral

Executive standard: Q/TYG001-2014
Chemiacl name: Polyvinyl Butyral Resin
CAS NO. 63148-65-2

product name:DBA | Dibutyl Adipate

Executive standard: Q/TY·J08.04-2015
CAS NO.105-99-7
English abbreviation: DBA
Chines alias:已二酸二正丁酯

product name:Ammonium Perchlorate

Executive standard: GJB617A-2003 CAS No. 7790-98-9 English name: Ammonium Perchlorate English abbreviation: AP Chinese name: 高氯酸铵

product name:MAPO (II)

Executive standard: GJB1959-94
CAS NO. 57-39-6
English name: Tris-1-(2-methylaziridinyl)phosphine oxide
English alias: Tris(2-methylaziridinyl) phosphine oxide
English abbreviation: MAPO

product name:Musk R1 | 11-Oxa Hexadecanolide

0 Iro Agnette Tweed Blazer Jacket Mustard Yellow Sz FR 38/ US
Executive standard: Q/YTH003-2006
CAS NO. 3391-83-1
English name: Musk R-1
English alias: 11-Oxahexadecanolide
Chinese alias: 麝香105; 11-氧杂十六内酯

product name:Triphenyl Bismuth

Executive standard: GJB5276-2003
CAS NO. 603-33-8
English name: Triphenylbismuth
English abbreviation: TPB
Chinese name: 三苯基铋

product name:DPPD | Antioxidant H

Executive standard: Q/YTH001-2011
CAS NO. 74-31-7
English name: N, N-diphenyl-p-phenylenediamine
English abbreviation: DPPD
Chinese alias: N,N’-二苯基对苯二胺

product name:10-Hydroxydecanoic Acid

Executive standard: Q/YTH 002-2006
CAS NO.1679-53-4

product name:p-Benzoquinone Dioxime

Executive standard: Q/YSY004-2006
CAS NO. 105-11-3
English alias: 1,4-cyclohexadienedione dioxime, 1,4-Benzoquinone dioxime
English abbreviation: PBQD

product name:Catocene (II)

Executive standard: GJB2839-97
CAS NO. 69279-97-6; 37206-42-1
English name: 2, 2′-Bis(ethylferrocenyl) propane
English alias: Catocene
Chiness alias: 卡托辛

product name:Lead Salicylate

Executive standard: WJ2131-93
CAS NO.15748-73-9
UN RN: 2292

product name:2-Methylanthraquinone

Executive standard: Q/YTY001-2014
CAS NO. 84-54-8
English name: 2-Methyl anthraquinone
Abbreviation: 2-MAQ

CUSTOMIZATIONWe also offer Customization Service for fine chemical intermediates

R & D base

Advanced technology and science combining with our extensive managerial experience

Expert team

Top Professional Experts

Patent technology

We produce top class code

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Founded in 1971, Tanyun Junrong (Liaoning) Chemical Research Institute New Materials Incubator Co., Ltd (Tanyun Chemical for short) is the parent company of Tanyun Technology Group. Currently covering an area of about 12000 square meters, Tanyun Chemical is the first domestic technological platform company of ‘Chemical New Materials Production and Research Incubator’ and the first domestic custom-made research and production company of fine chemicals intermediate research and production company.

NEWSTanyun follows the pace of innovation and creativity to keep world-class technology in the
area of fine chemical intermediates.

TANYUN Technology Group's new investment reaches 486 million yuan2020-11-16

Project 1: Annual production of 5,000 tons of ammonium perchlorate; Project 2: Annual production of 5000 tons of polyvinyl butyral products; Project 3: Annual production of 2,000 tons of liquid rubber

Contact Us

  • ty@tanyunchem.com
  • Mobile: +86-13923497740
  • Tel: +86-755-26407171
    Fax: +86-755-26406100

Headquarters: No. 75, Xinhu Street, Xishi District, Yingkou, Liaoning, China 115004
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